Top 50 Best Deathly Hallows Tattoos 2020 Inspiration Guide

This love affair extends to the body art world of Harry Potter. Fans quest, clamor, create, and adapt elements of J.K Rowling’s exploration into magic and wonder with amazing tattoos of all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. 

Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Ginny, Neville, and Luna. He Who Must Not Be Named. Snape and Dumbledore Kingsley Shacklebolt!

There are brilliant expressions of ink out there memorializing Harry Potter…always. Here you’ll learn valuable information when helping decide on your Harry Potter themed tattoo.

The Deathly Hallows are three highly powerful magical objects created by Death and granted in trickery to the Peverill brothers. These objects – wand, cloak, and stone – became scattered about the Wizarding World.

When joined, the Deathly Hallows form an important symbolic image the tattoo fraternity has come to adopt in magnificently different ways. 

Read on for 50 of the Best Deathly Hallows tattoos and draw inspiration for your journey into the Inked-Up World of Harry Potter.  

deathly hallows tattoo ideas on wrist

This funky lower leg tattoo possesses great color application to help the stylized Deathly Hallows symbol stand out. The vivid use of fire fills the internal part of the Hallows, working well to contrast the thick black and subtly muted purple gray of the symbol itself and supporting lily.

black work harry potter deathly hallows tattoo

A vintage black and gray Deathly Hallow. Love how variation shading the petals and leaves plays against the blackness symbol itself. The tattoo placement just below the nape of the neck between the shoulder blades is a top choice for art of this kind.

floral harry potter deathly hallows fine line tattoo

This Deathly Hallows has the same method but with a slightly different application. Here, bolder black and gray flowers stand out against the Deathly Hallows symbol highlighted by deft, sharp black line. It’s a crisply drawn tattoo showing off the artist’s expertise in single needle work and subtle shading techniques.

skull with snake deathly hallows harry potter tattoo

A solid tattoo combining  with the Deathly Hallows. It’s been etched to look freehand, but would’ve probably been even better with clear delineation in the Hallows symbol and upper skull surrounding it. The head of the serpent is the stand out part of the tattoo – it’s simply executed, but realistic and well scaled away from the rest of the image.

colorful deathly hallows harry potter tattoo

Really enjoy the glitter sprinkle effects in this unique Harry Potter tattoo. The Death Hallows is the main theme, however there are other key symbols such as Platform 9 3/4 and the Golden Snitch referenced too which is a cool feature. The artist’s icing effect is colorful, working brilliantly in contrast to the Hallows. Only gripe is the colored wand, it might have helped pop the overall effect a trifle more if it had been a sharp, black object instead.

invisibility cloak patronus harry potter deathly hallows tattoo

The The ink splash technique employing a clever combo of blue, purple, and black is a nice touch. The overall piece is also helped by the artist’s smart choice to leave the deer’s head unaffected. The deer’s been hitting the weights hard too, given his absolutely massive neck and shoulders.

colorful patronus harry potter deathly hallows tattoo

Not a fan of the deer’s eyes in this otherwise beautiful tattoo. A touch up to make a bolder, stronger black would do the trick (and to bring them a little closer). Making this one change would help bring the focus back to the excellent negative space and supporting watercolor technique shading.

harry potter elder wand tattoo deathly hallows

This is a bad ass ankle tattoo that utilizes the Golden Snitch – peep those flickering wings – as part of the Deathly Hallows symbol. The use of dot work to offset the thick, flat back really works as a filler.

deathly hallows water color tattoo

Vivid foam green swirling through the background of the Deathly Hallows is a good use of shade technique. Really enjoy this Elder Wand too, the artist has added in a little contrast of neg space to give it a shiny texture against the black and water color.

small elder wand harry potter tattoo

A unique twist on a charm bracelet idea melded with key Harry Potter symbols to make an awesome arm tattoo. This  works well in transferring a brilliant, creative idea. Linking five readily identifiable symbols under the wand (the ultimate magical device) is a Potter fan’s exam cheat sheet.

realism black and grey deathly hallows tattoo

Wow. This Harry Potter body art belongs to someone from the Ministry of Magic. Using the opposing Deathly Hallows symbols in clever ways is more eye catching than the demon, or the wand wielding shadows towards the bottom. They aren’t the center of the ‘split screen’ but provide shadow, balance, and intensity to the overall piece. The oozing chest skeleton of the demon adds a creatively killer touch.

dragon realistic ink hogwarts deathly hallows tattoo

The artist has filled this amazing homage to Harry Potter with enough Easter eggs to fill a basket. Having the striking Nagini-Deathly Hallows bright lit is brilliant technique to demonstrate the clarity of this section. The shading and line work is flawless (especially the flame from the Goblet of Fire). The dragon atop the ink is painstakingly detailed and possibly the best western dragon head you’ll see, it’s fantastic.

colorful floral deathly hallows tattoo

deathly hallows elder wand tattoo

This tattoo features the Peverill Brothers working their magic bridge to avoid Death. The thin, minimal black lines form a credible power surge along the subject’s arm. Funky dotwork provides exceptional scaling and balance to the specter of Death hovering over the magic bridge.

black harry potter deathly hallows tattoo

This well executed small arm tattoo mixes Gothic and classic black elements to form a dark Deathly Hallows. The tendrils of shadow coming from the image of Death shows flair and technical skill, working well opposite the clear, tightly woven Hallows symbol. Love how Death spills out seemingly from behind the symbol, gray shadow wings and creeping hands.

harry potter deathly hallows snape siriusblack tattoo

colorful deathly hallows tattoo

The disco version of Death is an awesome aspect to this Deathly Hallows thigh tattoo. The spooky elements in this representation – seriously, Death’s hands are a problem  for me – are made stark by the alternative color splash making the reaper look incredibly sullen and disappointed. This ink rocks.

floral deathly hallows thigh tattoo harry potter

The artist here has made a smart technical choice by peppering the negative space Deathly Hallows with dot work buckshot. It creates a more eye catching complement to the beautifully rendered flowers than a lack of space alone would be able to achieve.

harry potter golden snitch deathly hallows tattoo

Not a bad take on the Golden Snitch Deathly Hallows, however, a thicker, more fierce triangle should replace the skinnier version. Both the triangle and blue colored pattern filling the bottom side are a little too thin. They get swallowed up by the more heavy duty wand and snitch.

Intricate Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Tattoo

A surprising mash up of Harry Potter symbolism and Mandala tattoo pattern. It’s a well crafted artwork mixing the elements – dot work, negative space and crisp line work in creating to a cool, unique Deathly Hallows.

deatheaters harry potter deathly hallows tattoo

Great gray scale chest tattoo. Like how the Deathly Hallows is etched with an interesting stop start technique which complements the flatter, more solid gray. Incorporating ghost Hedwig into the cloudy death shadows is a deft touch.

amazing deathly hallows tattoo on arm

A unique take on the Deathly Hallows with the Scottish Thistle being called on to represent the Elder Wand. Its a clever alteration and helps individualize the tattoo’s idea. This is a well crafted black tattoo

illustrative harry potter deathly hallows tattoo

geometric harry potter deathly hallows tattoo

This a wicked abstract Patronus themed tattoo. The artist has creatively etched geometric patters into the realism of the deer.  The use of shapes as design elements to shade and dot through are exceptional. The Deathly Hallows uses creative thin line work to create the woozy squiggle of the symbol and it looks impressive.

harry potter deathly hallows flowers tattoo

A delicate, beautifully gentle  displaying the symbolism of the Hallows and lily with subtlety. The balance of abstract symbol and realistic flower work flawlessly. It’s a good example of idea and delivery combining to create a unique piece of body art.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Patronus Tattoo

Epic Deathly Hallows dotwork could be a bucket list bit of ink for Harry Potter inclined tattoo enthusiasts. Add to that a possessed deer for balance and you have a premier small tattoo. This is a sharp piece of tattooing, the artist’s technique of shading and dot work used perfectly to create depth well framed by crisp use of line work and shape.

harry potter deathly hallows golden snitch tattoo

intricate watercolor harry potter deathly hallows tattoo

harry potter deathly hallows raven claw tattoo

harry potter deathly hallows owl tattoo tattoo

owl realistic ink deathly hallows tattoo

snow globe harry potter deathly hallows tattoo

black and grey harry potter deathly hallows tattoo

simple black work harry potter deathly hallows tattoo

deathly hallows quotes slytherin elderwand tattoo

colorful deathly hallows butterfly flowers tattoo

flower arm harry potter deathly hallows tattoo

small black harry potter deathly hallows tattoo

small black and grey harry potter deathly hallows tattoo

black work greyscale harry potter deathly hallows tattoo

intricate harry potter elder wand tattoo deathly hallows

realism black arm deathly hallows tattoo

patronus hogwarts deathly hallows tattoo

water color doe deathly hallows tattoo

dementor harry potter deathly hallows tattoo

colorful realistic phoenix harry potter deathly hallows tattoo

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